Our Philosophy

About Us

In response to the increasingly unsatisfactory performance of companies within the collection industry, Evergreen Professional Recoveries, Inc., was established in 1986. Our primary objective was to provide clients with a reliable, efficient, and reputable alternative, focused on skillful recovery while being mindful of their image and reputation.

At the core of our company lies a belief in the essential elements for success in any business: professionalism, teamwork, and top-notch customer service. This philosophy remains the foundation of Evergreen today, evident through our loyal customer base and consistent growth.

Our clientele encompasses a broad spectrum, ranging from large regional and national concerns to smaller local businesses across diverse industries. Irrespective of size, we uphold the same standard of excellence for all our clients.

There are four key reasons why clients choose Evergreen as their collection representative:

  1. Our methodology ranks among the most comprehensive and successful in the industry.
  2. Our notification procedures are both informative and thorough, ensuring transparency throughout the process.
  3. Our staff comprises experienced professionals well-versed in all aspects of collection, instilling confidence in our capabilities.
  4. Our impressive statistical record for collections sets us apart as one of the most effective agencies anywhere.

At Evergreen Professional Recoveries, we are committed to exceeding expectations and maintaining our position as a trusted leader in the collection industry.